Grackle. Drink amazing coffee.


Key Info

Tues-Fri 7-5:30
Sat 7:30-5:30
Sun 8-5

Closed Monday

208 Main St Schomberg (Map)

Grackle Coffee opened in 2006, back when Pluto was still a planet. Our goal was and still is to have amazing coffee and serve food we are proud of. That means using the freshest, tastiest ingredients available from our painstakingly investigated list of independent suppliers. 

  • Our coffee comes from Dark City Coffee in Scarborough and is fair trade and organic.

  • Our pies and croissants are from Wanda’s Pie in the Sky in Toronto.

  • Squares and cookies come from Get Baked in Guelph and our specialty cookies come from The Cookie Duchess in Schomberg.

  • Our honey comes from Pioneer Honey in Nobelton. 

  • Our sprouts come from Kind Organics in Brantford.

  • Our milk - and soon our ice cream – comes from Millers Dairy in Creemore. 

  • Our bread is from 100 Acre Bakery in the Hockley Valley.


We make soup and sandwiches and burritos and grilled cheese and the daily lunch specials from scratch, in the store, every day. We use seasonal and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, thanks to our proximity to the Holland Marsh and the farming community we live in.

We serve all our hot drinks in bio-degradable cups with recyclable lids; the cold ones have bio-degradable lids. The take out cutlery is made from starch and also bio-degrades. The straws are paper. Yes it would be easier and cheaper to do it the normal way and go to some big company that delivers pre-portioned frozen stuff, but it wouldn’t be as good. Plus we’ve discovered over time that big companies do not always have your best interests at heart! Shocking we know. So sure, as a result of all this work we’re always tired, but we figure if we’re going to do it we should do it right.

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Grackle loves art.

We have constantly changing art on the walls but we will always have something from the amazing Sybil Lamb, who drew these Grackles.

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